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Eucalyptus Lime | Bath Bomb Minis

This limited edition series offers a variety of scents in changing patters. Scents will only repeat 2 x per year. Get it while you can.  

10 % of all Shea Patterned Soap Bars will be donated to charity.

From May 15 – June 31 will be donated to a LGBTQ2+ Youth cause.

Organic Coconut Soap Bar

Made with 100% organic coconut oil and essential oils, this soap gives you a nice clean feeling with a fresh scent.

Shampoo Soap Bar

Formulated to be cleansing without drying your hair. Essential oils used benefit hair.

Shaving Soap Bar

This is for a traditional soap & brush shave. Great for legs, beards &more.

Exfoliating Soap Bar

Take the edge off with this bar. If you want a gentle exfoliation or a more aggressive we have an option for you.

Honey Soap Bar

Made with honey and beeswax this bar has the sweet smell of honey, is moisturising and bubbly. 

Sunflower Shea Soap Bar

The moisturising benefits of aloe and shea butter make a rich medium bubble soap. 

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